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Working Together with The Real Co.

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

It’s pretty rare to find a customer that cares almost as much about your mission as you do. We couldn’t be more thankful for our growing relationship with The Real Co.

When we found each other in late 2016, we knew our food packaging capabilities and approach would be a perfect fit. The Real Co. believes that 100% single-origin food, farmed and grown in a sustainable way, is the healthiest way to eat, and that it should be accessible to everyone. Our commitment to training and hiring people with disabilities and other barriers to employment aligns perfectly.

In March, at the Natural Products Expo West trade show, The Real Co. opened up their booth to share our story with theirs. Read the news release announcing the partnership.

An example of our mission in action is, Robert, one of our production line workers who had trouble finding a job after cancer stole his ability to speak. “I’d been working my whole life then suddenly, I couldn’t find a job to hire me.” Robert spent five years communicating only through writing, finding few jobs with the right working conditions that would hire him and work with his needs. “The first thing I noticed [about Relay Resources], was a willingness to work with, what I guess you might call, my disability. Most places, if you say you can’t do a job, you’re out the door. That was always the biggest thing I was afraid of, even when I first started here. But now, I feel like I can finally relax because they work with me. My manager and I work together to figure out what I can and can’t do.”

Without customers like The Real Co., we at Relay Resources wouldn’t be able to give workers like Robert an opportunity to live a productive life. We look forward to helping The Real Co. package more food products as they grow their business.

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