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Working Together with Looptworks

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Upcycle: up·cy·cle


(verb) to reuse goods in such a way as to produce something of a higher quality or value than the original.

At Looptworks, the mission is to use what already exists to create new products. To do this, they intercept landfill-bound materials, deconstruct, redesign, combine, and altogether transform them into new products. This process keeps excess materials from landfills, conserves natural resources, and reduces carbon emissions. When looking for a partner to help in their deconstruction process, they came to Relay Resources for a shared interest in both business and mission values.

Like Looptworks, our sustainability roots run deep. Since 2008, we have operated the largest single-roof solar array in the Pacific Northwest. The solar panels occupy 72,000 square feet of the Supply Chain Solutions facility roof and generate 858 kilowatts, powering all of the buildings on our main campus.

In 2015, Looptworks first partnered with us on a project to deconstruct and launder Horizon Airline seats to be reborn into the Carry On Collection of travel bags. Our Supply Chain Solutions team rose the the challenge, working with the worn leather seat material to provide Looptworks with the base components they needed to create their products.

Recently, a partnership with the Portland Trailblazers brought additional fun projects to our team to deconstruct and re-purpose obsolete uniforms. The materials were upcycled by Looptworks into new apparel sold at the Trail Blazer "Green Games," showing the team's commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Have a supply chain project you could use a hand on? Check us out at relayresources.org!

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