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Tips for Your Building Maintenance Schedule

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

There are so many details to take into account for maintaining any building, let alone those with a high occupancy count such as apartment complexes. Here are a few quick tips for some basic building maintenance tasks to get on your schedule.


Timing: At least twice per year, generally in Spring and Fall, as well as after major weather events

What to look for: Curling or damaged roofing materials, clogged drainage, excessive granule loss on shingles, debris collecting in valleys, moss buildup, ponding water, potential leaks, proper attachment of rooftop hardware such as solar panels


Timing: Every six months

What to look for: signs of leaking pipes, slow draining of sinks that could signal clogs, dripping faucets, low water pressure


Timing: Every six months

What to look for: cracked or broken outlet & switch covers, malfunctioning lighting, darkening around outlets, burning smells, appliances not working properly, worn wiring


Timing: At least twice per year at season startup, 1-6 months for air filters

What to look for: dirty air filters, clogged nozzles, build up on fan blades, loose or worn wiring, bearing lubrication, leaks at couplings


Timing: Every six months

What to look for: burned out or broken bulbs, broken motion detectors, fixtures that could be updated for better efficiency, adequate night time lighting in places such as doorways, walking paths, and in parking lots

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