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Fun Tips for Cleaning Office Clutter

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Juggling projects and deadlines can leave work spaces a mess. Whether you just focus on your space or get the whole office involved, there comes a time when you need to schedule an office cleaning. Just what you want to do, right? Make it a party! Bring in snacks and offer prizes for the weirdest items found. Check out out tips below to get in the cutter cleaning mood!

Paper, paper, paper

Nothing piles up faster or disappears slower than paper documents floating around the office. You know the ones. The full file cabinets that haven’t been opened in ages. The stacks of meeting notes and printouts in your office that you need information from but haven’t had the time to sort out. If you don’t already have a policy in place, establish guidelines for materials that need to be kept in paper form, those that can be scanned and stored digitally, and those that can head to shredding and recycling.

Ancient office supplies

They may not be from the stone age, but every office is sure to have binders, paperclips, broken pens, and that old printer that everyone hates. Set up containers for collecting small office supplies in a central location and a junk area for larger items that need to be tosses.

The mystery nicknacks

While cleaning our office building, we found a decorative wagon wheel hiding in a closet. It was three feet in diameter. You never know what treasures you might unearth. Designate an area for all the random things that need to be claimed or donated. Even better, offer prizes for the most weird, old, gross, or interesting items collected.

Maintain a Mess-Free Environment

It's amazing how you can feel more productive when your space is clean! Now the trick is to keep it from getting piled up again.

Consider setting up annual, quarterly, or even monthly cleaning reminders. Maybe it's just your desk or maybe it's the refrigerator in the company kitchen. (We've all seen and smelled that green sandwich.) A janitorial service can help keep things looking fresh and make sure your office is making a good impression.

Need help maintaining your new found organization? An administrative assistant can help you get things in order and keep you organized moving forward.

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