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This year, Employee Appreciation Week is more important than ever

Over the last several years, Relay has been cultivating a culture of love. You may ask, “What the heck is that” or you may roll your eyes at our idealism. Go ahead, we’ve heard it all. What I’d like to do is show vs. tell how love shows up at Relay and do my part to spread the love to you and yours. All this week Relay celebrates Employee Appreciation. This year, it seems more important than ever to recognize Relay’s workforce – which largely consists of front-line workers who experience a disability or other barrier to employment. Consider just one example: Scott Martin. Scott (pictured above) is celebrating his 15th anniversary this month (go Scott!) as a janitor at Portland International Airport. Recently Scott was promoted to Lead Janitor, a role in which he helps others find success at work. You can learn more about Scott in the article below, but let me share what I learned from him: • Share the love and pay it forward: Scott’s grandmother worked for Relay and shared her enthusiasm with Scott. Two generations later, Scott is sharing that passion with others. • Teamwork makes the dream work: OK, yuck, but Scott is part of a huge team that makes Relay work and helps make PDX the best airport in the United States! (Fly lately?) And doing work that makes us proud is good for the soul. • The importance of recognizing potential and encouraging others: Scott’s supervisor, Wanda Demooey, recognized his talent and potential and encouraged his career growth. Now Scott does the same for janitors on his team. Today, this week, every day, we know that when we engage in acts of love we are at our best and most resilient*. And who couldn’t use a big dose of resilience right about now? With gratitude, Alysa Rose, CEO *Credit and gratitude to adrienne maree brown and her life-changing book, Emergent Strategy.

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