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The Unboxing Experience and 5 Reasons to Create It

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

You know that feeling when you open the lid on a brand new box of something… A new phone? A luxe collection of bath and beauty products? An artisanal anything? The crisp freshness of it. The pristine layout of the products. The sounds of the packaging materials. Even the smell. That is the unboxing experience. It’s a fun, and surprisingly powerful, marketing tool.

Could it work for you and your company?

Well, first and foremost, do you have a product that’s consumer-facing and kitted? If yes, keep reading...

Hold up, what is kitting?

In case you haven’t heard the term, kitting is the process of assembling individual parts of a product into a kit. It’s a task that requires consistency and focus and one that our Supply Chain Solutions fulfillment center team takes great pride in doing well.

If you have a kitted product, you should think about the consumer experience you’re creating, because how you send out your product is (almost) as important as the product itself.

Why is the unboxing experience important?

1. Differentiation

Your product only has one chance to make a first impression. You’ve heard advice like this before. Because, well, it’s true. You have a competitor or two in your market, so you want (need) to “wow” customers from the get-go.

Your brand packaging is the perfect way to grab your consumer’s attention. Plus, the experience can do more than “wow” them, it can inform them as well. Who are you? Why are you? Where are you from? All of these questions can be creatively and thoughtfully answered by your packaging.

Take one of our customers, Mademoiselle Provence, for example. They could deliver their high-end personal-care and beauty product gift sets in ordinary cardboard boxes. But they don’t. Instead, they use carefully designed consumer packaging that reflects their natural, luxurious and beautifully French brand. Before you even use one of their products, you already feel pampered and indulged.

In a busy market, your unboxing experience packaging can help tell your brand’s story and be the thing that sets you apart.

2. Shareability

If there is one thing the internet has made abundantly clear, it is that people like to share things. Personal things. Funny things. Cats doing funny and personal things. And the unboxing experience is no exception.

It’s strange to think about it, but your unboxing experience is someone else’s content. Will your unboxing experience “Go viral?” I don’t know, but I certainly hope so. The thing is, even if it doesn’t, a positive and memorable unboxing experience will get people talking about you and word-of-mouth marketing is an awesome way to promote your company.

Remember our customer Mademoiselle Provence? Check out their Instagram. What do their consumers tag them in again and again? Brand packaging. Voila!

3. Repeat customers and brand loyalty

A product that works well is memorable, and memorability is a great way to support and encourage repeat business. I bet your product works well, but why stop there? What if people actually enjoy the feeling of opening your product? That excitement and joyous anticipation will lure customers back again and again.

What makes the experience exciting?

Here’s an example from another one of our customers, Yellow Scope science kits for girls. Each kit is packed full of awesome equipment. Imagine how a budding scientist feels when she opens it and sees all of this potential fun laid out before her, begging her to dig in. She doesn’t know what to pick up first. But she does know that the kit is legit because each and every piece is placed in the perfect spot. It’s intentional and thoughtful. It’s packed the way a scientist would pack something.

People seek out enjoyable experiences, and whether it’s using the product or just opening it: A good experience is a good experience.

4. Brand trust and credibility

You may not immediately see how brand packaging can garner a customer’s trust, but your packaging is an extension of your product and thereby your identity. The materials you use and the thought that goes into them, can be a huge opportunity to show customers who you are and that you care. About your product. About them. About the environment. About whatever it is you really care about.

If you aren’t operating a brick and mortar business, you probably aren’t going to meet many of your consumers face-to-face or shake many of their hands. You have to find new ways to connect with customers and enhance their experience. Your unboxing experience can be that handshake… albeit from a very long arm. The point is, it isn’t an ad. Or an anonymous review. It’s real. And the realness of it makes your product feel familiar and likeable. And likeability is trust is loyalty.

5. It’s easy

OK, this may not be a requisite in your marketing strategy, but easy helps. And our warehouse team has tons of experience kitting and fulfilling orders which can help make easy, even easier.

One of our dedicated team members is Marta. Hers is the smiling face behind the pile of plastic beakers. That’s a lot of beakers, which means Marta is busy. But that’s not a problem because Marta is motivated. She knows that her work matters, that a customer (and a customer’s customer) is relying on her to get all the pieces and parts and kits right. And she gets it right again and again, because putting together Yellow Scope science kits is more than a job, it’s her job.

You’ve put so much into making sure your product is as good as it can be. You’ve developed a complex and smart marketing strategy. You’ve spent months designing a logo and creating a website… You’ve done so much to build your brand - the unboxing experience is the perfect way to tie a bow (get it?) on all that hard work.

A great product speaks for itself, but the way it shows up can have a huge impact on your customer’s experience. So, if you have a product that requires kitting and fulfillment services, keep in mind that we can kit and deliver what you need right from our warehouse and that we’d love to be part of that personal touch that makes your product, brand and company a success.

Looking for help putting together your unboxing experience?

Learn more about our Supply Chain Solutions services.

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