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RELAY Team Spotlight: Working Together at Relay Resources

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

People are at the heart of everything we do at Relay Resources and we want to celebrate that! So we asked some of our longtime employees across our organization what #LifeAtRelay is like for them. The following are just a few of our employees that have been with us from 5 to 35+ years and a few or our favorite photos from this year!

Q: How has working here made an impact on you?

Barb: I love the nice and friendly people and atmosphere, and love watching the new ideas evolve. Yeah!!!

Dainya: Peace of mind. I love my job, my customer, and location. I was a janitor for nine years and now a food court attendant at PDX. Life is easier.

David Marple: I have learned a lot of skills that I never knew that I can learn to do.

David Morrison: It gave me a second chance in life. I was disabled and could not do what I had done for 26 years. I had nowhere to go. No one wanted to take a chance on me but Relay did, and for that I did everything to show them I wanted this. They took the chance and good things happened. Everything fell into place you can say. And for that I'm forever dedicated and thankful to them.

Jason: I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from watching our employees learn skills and become successful. I have grown as a professional and as an individual. Our work environment is very much like a family of sorts, I am in the thick of it with these other selfless individuals. I know they have my back, and I have theirs. I have also made some life-long friends.

Joel: More friendly with people who have disabilities.

Kevin: Trust and good environment and friendly staff.

Laurie: It has given me a solid work history being able to keep a job for so long.

Matt: It has made me more independent and has taught me very valuable skills.

THANK YOU to our contributors!

Barb Smith, Affordable Housing, 2012

Dainya Morgan, Janitorial, 2002

David Marple, Supply Chain Solutions, 2002

David Morrison, Building Maintenance, 2012

Jason Wilkey, Human Resources, 2007

Joel Tebo, Janitorial, 1982

Kevin Ziegler, Landscaping, 2002

Laurie Neyman, Janitorial, 1992

Matt Fancher, Supply Chain Solutions, 2011

Interviewer: Traci Shaw, Marketing, 2016

Do you want to share how Relay has made an impact on you?

Email us at life@relayresources.org

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