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Relay Resources Helps Launch Line of Upcycled Goods

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

When Delta introduced new uniforms for employees earlier this year, more than 350,000 pounds of retired textiles were diverted from landfills. The Delta Upcycle Project was one of the largest, single company textile diversion programs in U.S. history to date. Instead of creating waste in landfills across the country, retired uniforms were donated to people in need, recycled, or transformed into new, upcycled products through Delta's partnership with Looptworks.

Relay Resources joined Delta and Looptworks on the project last July. Our team sorted all the items received on the West Coast and deconstructed pieces that would move on to Looptworks to be upcycled into a wide range of products from wallets to duffle bags.

Relay Resources is a non-profit with a focus on providing jobs to people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Our Supply Chain Solutions business unit offers a wide range of job opportunities that can help employees develop new skillsets. The Delta and Looptworks project provides employees the opportunity to sort, organize, deconstruct materials and cut sewing patterns.

The new collection of upcycled goods, now available for purchase at www.looptworks.com/delta, includes backpacks, travel kits, passport covers, other bags and accessories. The unique collection gives customers and employees the opportunity to own a piece of Delta history. Iconic retired uniform pieces like the red dress, navy suit and black trench coat, will now live on as unique travel accessories.

"Our partnership with Looptworks gives new life to retired uniforms and seat covers that would have otherwise ended up in landfills, supports Delta's commitment to serving local communities and provides one-of-a-kind goods that are perfect for gifting, all while being made in the United States” said Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Director — Uniforms at Delta.

Delta fans, employees and frequent fliers can rest assured knowing that their purchases are sustainable and benefit a number of worthy causes. A portion of each item sold will be put toward the Youth Environmental Education and Action Fund through the Captain Planet Foundation.

Customers are encouraged to share the story behind the products using

# TheUpcycleProject hashtag on social media.

"The leather Delta uses is very durable and begins its life as a waste product from other leather manufacturing," said Marcus Griffin, Program Manager — Cabin Maintenance. "It's exciting to see a material we originally selected for its durability and environmental benefits continue to be upcycled and yet again given new life."

Click here for Delta's full release on this initiative.

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