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#LifeAtRelay: Meet Robert

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Food packaging requires a super clean working environment. It takes teamwork, organization, and assembly line know-how. Years of factory experience in various industries made Robert Cherry as a great fit for the food packaging team.

“I’ve always pulled my weight, and if I couldn’t do something I would find a way to make it possible,” says Robert. In 2011, Robert was diagnosed with cancer. His treatment left him with breathing difficulties and eliminated his voice. “I’d been working my whole life," remembers Robert, "then suddenly, I couldn’t find a job to hire me.” Robert spent five years communicating only through writing, unsuccessful to find an organization that would work with his needs. He tried different medical devices to help regain his voice, but wasn't having any luck. “I remembered as kids burping the ABCs,” Robert recalls with a laugh. After some practice, it turned out that a silly childhood game helped Robert teach himself to speak again.

In 2017, Robert began working in the Food Packaging division at Relay Resources. He hadn’t done this type of packaging before, but felt right at home in the assembly process and quickly jumped in. “It’s nice to get back to work. I’m happy to work wherever I can be of the most help.” That ambition is appreciated by his dynamic team members and management.

Life at Relay has been a new experience for Robert. “The first thing I noticed was a willingness to work with, what I guess you might call, my disability. Most places, if you say you can’t do part of a job, you’re out the door. That was always the biggest thing I was afraid of, even when I first started here. But now, I feel like I can finally relax because they work with me. My manager and I work together to figure out what I can and can’t do."

Successful teamwork is about learning our strengths and constantly evolving to become better together. "I have finally found a place where I can work," says Robert, "I can’t wait to come to work every day."

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