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#LifeAtRelay: Meet Matt

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Success isn’t about putting people to work. It’s about all of us. Working. Together.

There’s something about finding your niche that makes work more worthwhile. For Matt Llewellyn, that niche is scanning and filing documents in our Document Services division.

Matt Llewellyn is a valuable asset to our Document Services team.

Finding your strengths is always a process of trial and error. “Matt comes to work every day on time and ready to go. He’s very focused and has a great work ethic,” says Lynette Stewart, Relay Resources data processing lead and Matt’s supervisor. Matt is on the autism spectrum, with a quiet demeanor and matter-of-fact approach to projects. When Matt started at Relay Resources, he was a bit reserved around other employees and tended to keep to himself. He began training in quality review of scanned images but it soon became apparent that he had strengths in other areas. “Matt is great with numbers,” says Lynette. “If I need him to do something number related – he’s on it.” The Documents Services team uses a variation of the Dewey Decimal System to organize files, which falls right in line with Matt’s skills.

Everyone brings their own talents to a position. “One of our advantages as an organization is the ability to adapt, working with the employee to solve whatever they may be facing,” says Lynette. This flexibility allows managers to identify an employee’s strengths and find the right position for them, creating growth opportunities for employees while maintaining effective business relationships.

Jay Ullman, with United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon and Southwest Washington, works as Matt’s job coach. The role of a job coach for someone with a disability is to train and guide the employee, finding their strengths and working with the employer to ensure the employee and the assignment are a good fit. “My goal is to push for independence and get out of the way as fast as possible,” explains Jay. “I work with Matt to see what he is good at, then align those strengths with the needs of his manager. Job coach cases range from high level, where I work with the employee a few hours a day, to daily check-in calls for basic support.”

As a job coach, Jay builds strong connections with the employees. “I get to watch these employees grow, gaining confidence and independence. It’s great to see what work does for someone – being able to participate in their community in that way. Matt has really grown both in the work he’s done and in his personal connections. I’ve watched him become an important part of the team and culture here. Matt has shown that he is very reliable, which is greatly appreciated.”

Today, Matt says hello to Lynette on his way in to work and greets team members and new acquaintances with a smile. When asked about his favorite part of his job, Matt is quick to show off his scanner and is excited about his role in preparing OSHA documents for storage. We’re thrilled he has found his niche and we appreciate the important role he plays on our team. Up next? He and Jay are working together to expand his data entry skills. There are always new opportunities to explore.

Learn more about careers at Relay Resources and our Document Services division.

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