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#LifeAtRelay: Meet Debbie

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Working at an airport you meet all sorts of people. With around 20 years under her belt at Portland International Airport (PDX), Debbie Taylor has certainly met a lot of travelers. We caught up with her as she was starting her night shift on the janitorial team. "I love it," says Debbie. "I get to meet so many people! That's my favorite part."

Debbie Taylor

While tired travelers catch red-eye flights, Debbie cheerfully waves and says hello to those she meets. Her personality is infectious and leaves an impression. "Debbie is a delight to work with," notes her manager Tony Diep. "She is always laughing, busy completing her work as assigned, and finds time to assist customers. She is a great asset to our team."

Over the years, Debbie has cleaned the famed PDX carpet, assisted in employee training, and is in charge of all emergency janitorial calls during her shift. Debbie's hard work ethic has won her multiple awards throughout her career, including Customer Service Superstar and Ambassador of the Month. Check out her video below!

"I never knew I would be on a job this long," says Debbie on her years of service. "I was a student at Portland Community College when I was referred to this job. It's a good janitorial service and the organization works with employees. There's so much to do, and you get to move around a lot in the big space. I've gotten to help train others, too. It makes me feel very happy that I helped somebody."

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