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Love In Action: Relay’s Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2021

So much happened last year that struck at the core of who we are and what we do.

Acts of love resulted in keeping people employed, safe, and housed, and strengthened our individual and organizational resilience. Our teams came together to problem-solve with creative and unconventional approaches, lifting each other up even as we all navigated yet another complex year.

These actions continued to ensure that people with disabilities had meaningful work, and that affordable housing was not a barrier to employment.

You can click here to read our full annual report, which includes information on our mission’s impact on the lives of our employees and residents. Here’s some highlights of what we accomplished together in FY21:


Our mission is to cultivate meaningful work for people with disabilities. The pandemic impacted the needs of our customers and we adjusted as they adjusted. At the end of our fiscal year, we employed 714 people, more than half of whom live and work with severe disability. This represents a 12% increase over the previous fiscal year.


Affordable housing is a barrier to employment for many in our community. We added 104 units of housing to our portfolio and took many measures to help our 1,700 residents stay housed.


Our first priority was keeping our employees COVID-19 safe. Our employee infection case count during FY21 was just 18 (or 2.5%), notably low given most of our employees were, and remain, on the front lines.

Being a leading provider of janitorial services gave us knowledge and insight to keep our work environments safe and clean. And our definition of safety expanded when we were faced with the impact of civil unrest, fires, ice storms, and extreme heat.


Through it all last year, we kept people at the heart of everything we do and increased our investments in people, which allowed us to fulfill our mission during an extraordinary year. It also positioned us to continue living our values and supporting our good work into the future.

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