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Disaster Preparedness in 2020

If nothing else good comes of 2020 (and we haven’t given up on it just yet), this year has taught us all the importance of being ready for a disaster before it strikes. Physically. Emotionally. Toilet-paper-ly. One of the more obvious ways to prepare is by getting an emergency kit, but which one? To answer that question, we look no farther than one of our own, Portland-based supply chain customers: Cascadia Quake Kits.

A few years ago, Marilyn Bishop, an avid outdoorswoman, wanted to find a high-quality, two-week disaster preparedness kit for her family. What she found instead were kits that didn’t meet the recommended length of time, packed with single-use and/or lower quality items. It wasn’t good enough for her and her family, or, you and yours. After years of research and development, Marilyn launched Cascadia Quake Kits. These kits provide people with an easy solution to preparedness, one that would keep them safe, warm, fed, hydrated, and able to communicate for two weeks (there are other options available, as well).

Marilyn was featured on the morning show AM Extra where she presented her kits in more detail and talked about her desire to help people be prepared. The thought and care that goes into the selection of each item is reflective of Marilyn’s passion for helping others. This passion has inspired our Supply Chain Solutions team in the importance of extra care when assembling each kit. We realize that people will be putting their safety, warmth, and security in our hands, and we don’t take that lightly. Every item in every kit has a reason and a place. Hopefully, no one will ever need to open these kits – but if they do, we’re proud to know the attention to detail will be part of what gets them through a hard time. We love the kits and the drive Marilyn has to make our region safer, stronger, and more resilient; one kit at a time.

Of course, preparedness can only help so much. To anyone struggling or suffering as a result of the many on-going natural disasters occurring around our country and the world, know that you are not alone.

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