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Customer Shares Recognition and Support for Ukrainian Team Members

Pictured (left to right) Front Row: Relay team members Zavedyuk, Nadezhda Belous, Vasiliy Artemenko; Back Row: Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Danielson, U.S. Attorney Scott Asphaug, Relay Janitorial Route Supervisor Khodi Dow. (Photo by Andrea Rocksund, Executive Assistant to the U.S. Attorney)

At the end of March, members of our janitorial team from Ukraine who work at the Hatfield Courthouse in Portland had the opportunity to meet with U.S. Attorney for Oregon Scott Asphaug and Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Danielson to receive special news.

Viorika Zavedyuk, Nadezhda Belous, and Vasiliy Artemenko were brought together so Asphaug and his team could share with them that the U.S. Attorney’s office collected donations of more than $800 in a week to send to Ukraine in their honor.

Viorika, Nadezhda, and Vasiliy received a card signed by all the courthouse staff to convey how much the three are valued by everyone at Hatfield, along with personalized letters about the donation.

Asphaug told the group that he had talked with Viorika in the elevator the week before, and she had opened up to him that her heart was hurting for her country. Asphaug said he was so moved by their conversation that he had to do something.

The U.S. Attorney’s office selected World Central Kitchen as the recipient of the money raised because that organization is currently serving Ukrainian citizens by providing daily meals and other essential resources. Viorika, Nadezhda, and Vasiliy expressed that they were very touched by the generosity and kindness and offered their thanks to Asphaug and his team.

We are grateful to the courthouse staff for their support of these three long-time Relay team members. Viorikia and Nadezhda have worked with us for 21 years, and Vasiliy has worked with us for almost 15.

Thank you to Janitorial Route Supervisor Khodi Dow for sharing this uplifting story!

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