• Jonathan Cresson

Creativity as mindful meditation

The creative process (photography, painting, drawing, craftwork, etc.) is a method by which we can really learn to pay attention to our immediate environment. By using artistic practice as a form of meditation it allows us to quiet the chatter in our mind, clearing out space to be with the immediate moment and place we’re in.

When we learn to become increasingly aware of our external world it helps us tune in to our internal world as well, like our thoughts and emotions. Engaging in the creative process helps us move toward a state of flow, allowing the experience of the now to become fully realized.

Mindful Observation

This exercise is simple but incredibly powerful because it helps you notice and appreciate seemingly simple elements of your environment in a more profound way. It is designed to connect us with the beauty of the natural environment, something that is easily missed in our typically busy lives.

  1. Choose a natural object from within your immediate environment and focus on watching it for a minute or two. This could be a flower or an insect, or even the clouds or the moon.

  2. Don’t do anything except notice the thing you are looking at. Simply relax into watching for as long as your concentration allows.

  3. Look at this object as if you are seeing it for the first time.

  4. Visually explore every aspect of its formation, and allow yourself to be consumed by its presence.

  5. Allow yourself to connect with its purpose within the natural world.


Cultivating Resilience is a twice-weekly video conference series curated by Relay Resources Learning & Development Manager, Jonathan Cresson. The series was started during COVID-19 to allow employees time for sharing and provide them with a new tool or technique to help focus on resilience while managing the overwhelming emotions they may be feeling. This blog series captures the topics covered.

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