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Celebrating 70 Years

We're proud to be celebrating 70 years as a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with people with disabilities and other barriers.

Our organizational journey has challenged us to continually evolve and grow, expanding our social enterprises and finding new ways to better serve our employees and residents. We strive to continually improve on cultivating meaningful work, breaking barriers to employment, and managing safe affordable housing in the Portland metro area.

Relay does this by employing people who have the ability and desire to succeed in the workforce but may lack the resources to get there. Most face physical, mental, or developmental disabilities, or other obstacles such as language barriers or criminal backgrounds. Our organization is built on the belief that everyone has value to contribute and that providing people with the tools for success is beneficial to us all.

We build community together. We value authentic connection and the wisdom that it brings. And most of all, we continue to adapt and evolve because we know this is what is required for us to come together in a culture of love.

Throughout this year, we will be reflecting on our history and looking forward with optimism to our future of serving our mission. Thank you to each of our employees, residents, customers, and partners for being a part of Relay.

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