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Finding the Best Solutions for Your Rework Project

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

We’ve all experienced it – that pit in your stomach when you realize a part of your project has gone off the rails. Now you’re standing in front of a pile of merchandise that needs extra attention before it ships. Once you have determined that the issue is worth resolution, your next steps should be to identify a solution, find a rework partner, and outline the process. Here are a few tips to tackle the most common product rework resolutions and how to get started outlining the process with your rework partner.

Labeling Labeling mistakes can range anywhere from a simple typo to identifying the wrong product. Thankfully, in most cases, labeling issues can be resolved by either placing a corrected sticker over the incorrect area or removing and replacing the existing label.

Tip 1: If the original label is a sticker, you will want to keep in mind how easy or difficult it will be to remove. For extra tough adhesives, you may need to plan for the material to be cleaned before placing the new label.

Tip 2: If you are planning to place a sticker over an existing label, be sure to test the opacity of the sticker to ensure the print from the original label does not show through.

Tip 3: When replacing hang tags, be sure to note any specific preferences on where the tag is placed and how it is oriented.

Packaging Is your product packaging the wrong size, color, direction, or just doesn’t meet expectations? Maybe you love your packaging, but your new retail location has different requirements. Repackaging projects can range from a complete repack to simply re-facing materials in their current packaging.

Tip 1: Does your product have multiple parts in the package? Be sure to include instructions if there’s a certain order or placement of the products in the new packaging.

Tip 2: Formed packaging, like blister packs, may take extra planning to disassemble. Outline disassembly instructions noting any special care that should be taken to avoid damage to the product.

Tip 3: Will re-facing of products damage the exterior packaging? Consider any issues that may arise with removal from the old packaging and provide any new packaging as needed.

Tip 4: Many retailers have specific packaging requirements that will need to be kept in mind to ensure packaging meets the needs of the product and distributor.

Product Defect Resolution Defects come in many forms, from scratch and dent to paint over-spray. How much is your inventory worth and how much will it cost to resolve are key considerations.

Tip 1: The key to defect resolution is communicating how to identify the defect. Is there a part number that can be referenced? Are there scratches or other aesthetic issues that need to be identified by size, shape, or location? Whatever the defect, be sure to clearly outline how it can be identified.

Tip 2: Some defects may require a specialized cleaning process. Check with your rework partner to ensure they have access to any cleaning capabilities and required tools required to address your specific needs.

Don’t Forget the Scrap! It’s easy to get so focused on fixing the mistake that you forget to address what to do with the old materials after the product issue has been resolved. Be sure to include in your process plan if you would like the incorrect materials returned to pursue reimbursement. If that is not a factor in your re-work, consider if the material can be recycled, re-purposed, or donated rather than sent to the landfill.

Finding Your Rework Solution

The key to a successful rework project is identifying each of the materials needed and outlining the process of any disassembly and reassembly to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Process steps may include coordinating supply delivery to your rework partner, step-by-step instruction for the rework, management of old materials, storage or shipment of finished goods, and any time constraints for the project. By sending a rework project to an outside supply chain solutions organization you can achieve product resolution without draining your manufacturing resources, allowing for an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Looking for a rework partner? Let us help you.

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